Baltic Storytelling Centre (BASiC) will be launched by throwing a three-day event at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius, Lithuania on 18-20th of May.

The event called Storytelling: Bond, Craft and Art will show the three different usages of the storytelling in the society and in this way will draw the trajectory for the future events of the Centre.

The BOND part is dedicated to show the possibilities of using storytelling as a tool to deal with the social exclusion in the societies.

The CRAFT part is designed to create an opportunity for people to learn how to tell stories on stage.

The ART part includes three joined artistic performances of the international storytellers and locals at the end of each day of the event.

The launching event of the Baltic Storytelling Centre aims to demonstrate storytelling both as a tool to work on social issues and as a modern way to speak about the world around us. Such event would be only a start of the Centre’s work.

The launching event of the BASiC is supported by  Federation for European Storytelling and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.